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Cartoon of businessman or teacher who, per doctor's diagnosis, has become paralyzed due to poor listening skills.

Consider these two stories making the rounds right now:

A second-grader at an Indiana public school was “banished” by his teacher after telling his classmates that he didn’t believe in God. The 7-year-old was forced to sit by himself during lunch for three days and not speak to other students because, the teacher said, his views on religion had “offended them.” His parents have filed a lawsuit.

A New York City high school student has complained she was awarded a diploma despite failing grades so the school could bolster its graduation rate. The student says she was given a passing grade in her government class even though she hadn’t done the work. Her teacher admitted being “under tremendous pressure” to meet academic goals, and said it was in “the school’s best interest to pass her.”

While we’re talking about education, is it “Who IS teaching the teachers?” or “Who ARE teaching the teachers?”? And is that last ? in the right place? Was it really the last?


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  • Peyton Barak

    I like my teacher.

    • I’m glad to hear that, Peyton. Teachers help you to learn lots of things! I love you,