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Fear 3A stark contrast in two recent events that took place in the same week presents us with an interesting dichotomy: Who’s afraid of . . . the truth?

London elected a new mayor. What’s so unusual about that? Nothing. Unless, of course, you focus on the fact that his name is Sadiq Khan. The new mayor of London is a . . . Muslim. Did you remember to lower your voice an octave or two when you said “Muslim”? Anyone afraid of that?

And the judge who will preside over the lawsuit against Trump “University” postponed the trial that was soon to get underway until after the November presidential election. What was he concerned about? He said he thought it would be difficult to manage his courtroom if the trial preceded the November election. Anyone afraid of that?

I welcome the London development. I’m disappointed by the Trump University development.

Let’s be . . . honest about this. Assuming you are not a Muslim, aren’t you just a tad bit nervous about the prospect of a Muslim mayor of London, one of the largest, most cosmopolitan cities in the world? I’ll admit it; I am. At the same time, however, I’m intrigued—eager—to see just what does—and doesn’t—come of this.

On the one hand, I’m tired of all of the unsubstantiated Islamophobic rhetoric, that no true Muslim can simultaneously be true to Western civilization and culture. On the other hand, I’m equally tired of all those who claim that the Western world is picking unfairly on the poor, downtrodden—1.6 Billion strong—Muslim population of the world.

Recognizing how this Muslim mayor of London performs will not necessarily prove or disprove anything, I, for one (apparently along with a majority of Londoners of voting age), welcome the opportunity to see just what “we” may be able to learn from this development. Doesn’t action speak louder than words? (Editor’s Note: I haven’t studied in depth the background of the new London mayor, how westernized he is or is not and how much of a practicing Muslim he is or is not. He was born and raised by immigrant Pakistani parents in London and professes to be true to his Muslim faith.)

In sad distinction, thanks to a trial court judge of questionable judgment and backbone, we have lost a singular opportunity—before the election, when I think it would have mattered most—to learn much about Donald Trump under sworn testimony and penalty of perjury, in contrast to all of the untrustworthy hype hoist upon us from the politicians and the media.

One opportunity realized. Another one unfortunately taken away from us. Who’s afraid of . . . a chance for a little truth?

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  • Jane S Taber

    I am afraid of where our country is headed.
    With all these refugees coming to settle in America, I believe America will soon be in the same position as Europe. A Muslim mayor of London is just another nail in the coffin of England. Swedish culture is already dead…France and Germany are in the death throws. Nothing good can come from this 7th century mentality.
    Actions speak louder than words and too many are dead at the hands of the Muslims.

    • Yep, but since the new London mayor is already elected, I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt–on a short leash.