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WTP2More than 50% of Americans cannot name the three branches of our federal government. Who cares?

More than 70% of Americans cannot name the two U.S. senators who represent their home state. What does it matter? Who cares?

As a condition to selecting Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State in 2008, President Obama required her to sign a written agreement that no representatives of the Clinton Foundation would contact the State Department on behalf of any persons, entities or foreign governments making any donations to the Clinton Foundation. Did Obama care whether Hillary would honor the agreement or was this just political “cover” if anyone ever pointed out that Hillary did this? When Hillary signed the agreement, did she care about her commitment or did she just figure that no one else would care if (when) she breached it?

Does anyone care that, according to data now seeing the light of day, senior representatives of the Clinton Foundation regularly communicated with senior representatives of the State Department virtually every week during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State? For example, what about Huma Abedin? How many meetings with Hillary did Abedin arrange for Clinton Foundation donors? How many payrolls has Abedin been on? Clinton Foundation? Department of State? Hillary’s election campaign? Hillary personally? Can her activities possibly comply with the “agreement” Hillary signed not to do this kind of stuff? Again, does anyone care?

Does anyone care that more than half of all meetings Hillary conducted with non-governmental agencies (83 of 150) during her tenure as Secretary of State were with persons, entities or foreign governments that directly or indirectly donated over $156 million to the Clinton Foundation, including heads of Arab states and individuals so keenly believed to contribute to and support terrorist organizations that Homeland Security won’t allow them to obtain visas to enter the U.S.?

Apparently Obama doesn’t care. Or have I missed his criticism of Hillary’s breach of her written commitment? While he actively endorses her  candidacy. Hillary certainly doesn’t care. Her response on being outted (but not ousted) in the past week: She says there’s “smoke,” but no “fire.” But smoke is precisely what she agreed to avoid. In writing. Donna Brazile, Chairman of and spokesperson for the National Democratic Party says she and the DNC don’t care either.

More importantly, do YOU care?

Do you wonder if covering up all this “mere” “smoke” has anything to do with why Hillary set up her own email server? And why we are still discovering emails that have been concealed from the public for all this time?

Hillary’s “smoke” is actually worse. Much worse. Just Google “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Meetings With Clinton Foundation Donors.”

Why doesn’t Hillary care that all of this is now starting to come to the surface? Because she believes that it doesn’t matter. That we the people just don’t care. That we the people will elect her president no matter what she does.

I thought “smoking” is hazardous to our health. But who cares anyway?

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  • Fred Taber

    I agree…and the media which is supposed to, cares less!

    • I didn’t mention the media, but I should have. Except for some conservative or intellectually honest media, you are right that they don’t care either.

  • Jose Sigal

    I don’t care any more Ronaldo. The majority of our country does not care. Our bright friends who you know condone her. Caring does not solve anything any more. This country is going down in flames regardless of who wins. So what good does caring do? Sorry for my down comments, but I think they are very realistic, unfortunately. Love to the Boss. Pepe

    • The only possible answer to why caring matters is that if people care, then perhaps they speak up. And think about how they exercise their vote.

      • Jose Sigal

        It wouldn’t matter in California Ronaldo, so who cares?

        • You can’t say who cares; that’s what I said first. 🙂 But California is not any different than any other state except that it has a higher concentration of those who don’t care. So we just need to get more people to care than would be necessary elsewhere. Now, don’t misunderstand my impression of the odds. I’m not betting the farm on it, at least not mine. Maybe yours.

          • Jose Sigal

            Let me think about that one Ronaldo. Baruch atoh adonoi . . . . Maybe that will work.

          • 🙂

  • Ron, check out this article. It pretty much says it all.

    Like I’ve been saying for quite some time now…we’re going to need a bigger basket.


    • Nice art! A picture IS worth a thousand words.