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fakersSo, she didn’t do anything wrong in Benghazi. And she didn’t do anything wrong with her email servers. And she didn’t do anything wrong in the 1970’s Whitewater scandal. And she hasn’t done anything wrong in between.

But, has she done anything right?

You bet.

She’s better than anyone when it comes to being found never to have done anything wrong.

And at getting people not to care if she did. Or keeps on doing it.

Hey, she might just make a pretty good politician.

But whatever happened to that old expression:

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

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  • Jose Sigal

    What difference does it makes? (Her own words.) Same thing as always Ronaldo, she is not to blame, it is the people who give her a free pass and cheer her on her way. It is not only Hillary, it is Bernie’s and Trump’s supporters as well. We deserve this kind of leadership because it is the people who produce these characters. A strong minded and correct and good citizenship would not allow any of this.

    • It makes NO difference, Pepe; I just love to hear myself talk, and to think that perhaps a few of my followers do as well. Beyond that, I agree with your comments 1000%. So does Plato, who said, probably a bit before we were born, that when the governed are weak, they deserve the government they get, or some words to that effect.

  • Jose Sigal

    That Plato was a smart dude.

    • He was. I think he must have been your grandfather!