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CrapperThis can can. But should it?

What does San Francisco have in common with India?

They both have a shortage of public bathrooms. True story!

In their infinite wisdom, San Francisco lawmakers have come up with a fix: Outdoor urinals! They’re leaving India . . . in the dust. I kid you not.

They have installed these light and airy urinals in outdoor parks where children play, and across the street from and in full view of private residences. They plan to install more.

And here I thought San Francisco was the . . . seat . . . of all that is politically correct. What in the world is . . . a lady to do? You tell me:


You can just see the residents . . . lining up. Advocates of free speech on one side versus proponents of equal protection on the other side. And when the lines grow long, will there be cries of “partner up and make a friend.”

What do you think of this . . . grand idea? Indecent exposure gone decent.  Even if we can’t say it’s exactly . . . crappy (yet), it does still seem like this is an idea that should be . . . canned. Along with those San Francisco lawmakers who came up with this idea–and have given new meaning to . . . line item savings in the City’s budget.

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