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NKThe man we all love to hate. The Donald? Close, at least he is for some, many so it SEEMS, but no. I’m not talking about The Donald. I’m talking about Kim Jong-un, that little creep whose family “deeded” over to him in 2014 at the ripe old and seasoned age of 32 the despotic hell hole known as North Korea, as if it and its starving masses were his personal sandbox. You know who he is; the guy who had his uncle executed and killed his girlfriend because . . . well, because they got on his nerves.  And who hacked into Sony’s computer server because they distributed a movie that mocked him. I’ll call him “The -un,” short for uncivilized. And, well, just short. Talk about the little runt who gives new meaning to the N word: Narcissist.

You think Iran poses a problem for the world? Think again! The problem North Korea poses for the world is a thousand times worse. North Korea is almost as bad as California’s public pension problem, and that’s saying something!

So, narcissist meets narcissist. The Donald vs The -un. And heaven help us.

What is The Donald, our fearless leader, to do?

First, take a fear pill. He needs to take The -un a little more seriously than he seems to take other world leaders.

Second, take a humble pill. Do I really have to explain the reason for that pill?

Third, take a look (and listen) before you leap pill. The -un doesn’t have to worry about any “Not My Supreme Leader” marchers.

Fourth, take a win friends and influence people rather than gratuitously offend pill. Probably ought not to call this guy the “so called” Supreme Leader or suggest your whatsit is bigger than his.

Then, craft a plan with (not for) China, Japan, South Korea, and maybe even Russia, get them on board, and then show that “little train that could” NO mercy.

Oh yeah, and this is a wall worth building. North Korea on one side and the rest of the world on the other side.

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  • Elliott Balbert

    Ron, great, logical thought…will never happen in our lifetime…never, ever, never. Oh, did i say it wouldn’t happen in this Universe…maybe when the entire mass of this universe collapses into a miniature infinite mass and re-explodes into the next universe. Let’s wait around and then move forward. hahaha.

    • Ughh, good buddy, WHAT will never happen in our lifetime? The -uh launching a nuclear missile at (a) South Korea, (b) Japan or (c) the good ol’ USA? I wouldn’t be so sure. In addition to offing his uncle and his girl friend, rumor has it that he was behind the assassination of his half-brother this week. The Donald taking those pills? You might be right about that. but hope springs eternal. Building a wall around North Korea? That’s more figurative than literal. The world needs to strangle North Korea until it collapses under its own weight and its people are desperate enough to say “Not my Supreme Leader.” 🙂

      • Elliott Balbert

        What will never happen is “The Donald” will never be able to lead and consensus agreement and bring the current nuclear world together to stomp out the ‘Un. Trump has already lost massive respect around the world beyond what the world did not think of him before the election. My view is, we are going to have some serious rough rides ahead of us. I can’t wait for the impeachment proceedings to begin. The only problem with that is he will have to do something really illegal and that could be quite dangerous. I cannot quite grasp the insane situation this country has found itself. I could go on, but I’d only be repeating what many other “thought leaders” have already expressed far more eloquently than I.


        • Thanks for clarifying. I thought that was probably your point. And I don’t disagree at all. Watching our stock market, however, if he is soon impeached (charged), the Dow will probably hit 30,000! If anyone is crazier than voters, it’s investors.