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hero1Adrianne Haslet-Davis was standing in a crowd of spectators at the 2013 Boston Marathon, watching her heroes, when explosions ripped through the crowd. She lost the lower part of her left leg. But she survived. Because, after all, she is . . . a survivor.

Haslet-Davis, a dance instructor, had always been pretty good on her feet. And she still is.

While recovering from what a terrorist bomb did to her, she vowed she’d she be back someday. Not as a spectator, but this time as a runner. To show the world just who the winners are. And who the losers are.

In this year’s Boston Marathon, Haslet-Davis, 35, did just that. She kept her word.

At the seventh mile, she had to stop. Her stump began swelling up, causing difficulties with her prosthetic running blade. With the help of her “pit crew,” however, after a one hour “tune-up,” Haslet-Davis resumed her pledge, and soldiered on to an emotional crossing of the finish line. “I kept thinking, ‘I can’t pull out.’ If you put your mind to something, you can get there.”

Anyone who has witnessed a marathon race, live or on TV, knows that in every marathon there are many stories, and many heroes. Maybe not the fastest, but way more than 26 marathon miles ahead of the terrorist bombers who tried to bring things to a halt. And failed. Because of people like Haslet-Davis.

This time, the Boston Marathon hosted a hero among heroes. This time there was Adrianne Haslet-Davis. Once more . . . with feeling.

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  • Jose Sigal

    First, happy birthday Ronaldo. To me this is much greater than wining the marathon. What a great story of courage and valor. Not much more to say.

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes, Pepe (and Rita too). Since I’m not about to run any marathons, I’ll settle for making it to another birthday. 🙂 Stories like Haslet-Davis are inspirational and really worth sharing.