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BarbieOne of the nicest aspects of being a (former) Olympic athlete is the international fraternity that comes with it. The Wife and I have traveled near and far, but wherever we have visited, thanks to this fraternity, we have always been privileged to enjoy what few tourists have the opportunity to experience—being invited into local homes of friends we made during my international competitive days and being shown the true local culture and sights.

One member of that fraternity who I have come to know is Roy Tomizawa. Born in New York, Roy now makes his home in Tokyo, where he is helping the Japanese Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Government to prepare to host the 2024 Summer Olympics by not forgetting the great job they did in hosting the 1964 Summer Olympics, in which I was honored to participate.

One of the things Roy is doing is to craft a series of behind the scene stories about the 1964 Olympics that will soon comprise a book of a different persuasion and perspective about the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Roy’s blog is called The Olympians, which you can see here: The Olympians.

To date, since he began this past May, Roy has already posted 300 blogs, no small feat! He recently circulated his favorite posts of 2015. You can check it out here: See this link for my favorite posts of 2015.

Don’t miss the first story on his hit parade. You guessed it, a story about someone by the name of Barak. Moi? No way. It’s about The Wife . . . and The Dizzy Helicopter Ride. True story. And, RSB Gymnastics Shotwouldn’t you know it, she’s still thrilling this thriller writer and making him . . . dizzy . . . and upside down . . . 50+ years later. 🙂

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  • Jane S Taber

    What a fabulous and cherished event to put in your memory banks.
    I would have liked to have seen Barbie’s facial expression.

    • Me too, we would have needed to be looking down from the balcony. I only saw it when she returned to Terra Firma. Kind of like trying to catch your breath after a number of Pilates reps.

  • Roy Tomizawa

    Wow, Ron. What an honor! It was great to tell this story about you and Barbie. I look forward to learning more about your memories and insights as an Olympian, as well as reading your next novel!

    • Hi Roy. The honor was all “The Wife’s” and mine. On the next novel, I’ve now completed it and hope to have it coming to a theater (or at least a book store) near you soon. In book-ese, “soon” means within the next 3-6 months, but the writing is done, from cover to cover.,

  • Jose Sigal

    God bless our bosses Ronaldo. We are 2 lucky perros. Love to Barb. (you were a handsome dude)

    • Yes we are! That was yes we are, not yes I am!

  • Larry Lugash

    What great memories these are. What gravitated you towards gymnastics as opposed to another sport?

    • Not tall enough for basketball or big enough for football, our son was whipping me at tennis by the time he was around ten (although he was quite good) and you know about my golf game. Gymnastics was more fun than work. And people were telling me I was good, No doubt that fed my ego. It also paid for college (undergrad and law school because I coached while in law school) and also provided me with an opportunity to see the world.

  • Elliott Balbert

    Is that you Ron……..really kicking your heels up? Dare you to try to it now? LOL.

    • You know me, Ell, unable to turn my back on a challenge. Now I can’t use my back at all! I’m posting this reply from the local Emergency Care facility. It didn’t go so well. The doctors say I should be able to go home in a couple of weeks. Wondering if you’d like to cover my blogging duties until then?

      • Elliott Balbert

        I’ll leave the driving to you old chap. 🙂

        • When it comes to driving, I think I’ll stick to the club in my golf bag with the big head. 🙂