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  • Jose Sigal

    Hola Ronaldo, I send you this video because it broke my heart. The problem I see for this problem to be solved is kind of UTOPIAN because it would take most of the free world to unite against this cancer. I don’t think one country by itself can solve the problem and save these people because if any one country tried it alone it could start a world war or at least a major disagreement. It is soooo sad that the special interests of each country have allowed this to happen, and to persist. Hopefully Humanity will mature.

    • Hola Pepe,

      Thanks for sending me this video and for your follow-up comments. I posted this video without comment because I thought the young woman in the video said all that needed to be said, and because, at least for one brief moment, I didn’t want draw any attention away from the lives of these hundreds of thousands of victims by talking everyday politics.

      While I have no quarrel with any of your observations, I do have a slightly different view on all this. For sure, with the Russians and Iranians NOW so solidly ensconced and invested in Assad (for their own agendas as you correctly observe), there is really little, if anything (beyond providing some emergency relief to those who have not YET been murdered) that could be done without matters escalating into a world war. And of course nothing can be done for those already viciously killed.

      But this is not the first time the world, including the United States, has turned its back in the face of mass genocide like this. And done . . . nothing. We seem not to learn anything from our past mistakes. Where was our U.S. leadership before the Russians and Iranians were invested, when Assad could have been isolated, and stopped? Before something like this could have happened? Where were all our U.S. leaders who campaigned in our recent elections on a platform of U.S. humanity and inclusive traditions? Where was our U.S. leadership when they could have made a difference?

      And while he is oh so concerned about building his precious legacy, and his place in history, where in that legacy will our commander in chief for the past eight years slot his role (or lack of role) in these sad events? Of course, we all know the answer to that question, give or take, a few sound bites more or less here or there. More interesting will be how history will ultimately answer these questions.