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downloadWe’ll, The Wife has been after me to give it a try. She’s been doing it for years. Not me. It’s just not . . . a guy thing.

Well, she kept prodding me to give it a try. So, finally I gave in, gave it a try. I mean, after all, she’s The Wife. And you know how the saying goes, don’t you?

A happy wife . . . is a happy life.

So, there I was. In all my naked glory. Well, almost all naked. All naked would clearly have been too much. WAY too much!

And you know what? The Wife was right. (This time.) It wasn’t so bad.

In fact, I added it to my New Year’s resolution list. I told them . . . “I’ll be back,” like the ex-California governor. He does it too. True story.

So, a happy, healthy and fulfilling–and relaxing–New Year to one and all.


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