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Stupid10“Stupid is as stupid does.” – Forrest Gump, Alabama, July, 1994

Or how to make one a martyr in no time at all.

So, what’s a sure fire remedy to increase Trump’s chances of winning Florida or Ohio today, if not North Carolina, Illinois and/or Missouri as well (and don’t forget the North Marianas):

Have a bunch of anti-trump professional agitators become violent and try to shut Trump rallies down.

Have Rubio and Kasich renege on their pledges to support the winning Republican candidate. (Only Cruz was too smart to sully or compromise his word and join Rubio’s and Kasich’s obvious desperate extortionist ploy: “Vote for me on Tuesday or watch the Republican party self destruct.” So, Rubio and Kasich now think Clinton or Sanders would be better after all? What has Trump done of late that is any worse than when they pledged to support him if he won the nomination? What has changed since their pledge? That would justify them going  back on their word? The only thing that has changed is the degree of their desperation. Trump is the same unqualified candidate he’s been since day one.)

Allow Trump to cry infringement of his free speech rights, heroically maintain his defiance, and rise up above it all. Our hero. And our martyr.

And, finally, . . . “Shake, don’t stir.” — James Bond, Goldfinger, 1964

(And, of course, allow bloggers to churn out a blog like this one in but a matter of seconds, and, better still, in very few words.)

“Desperation is as desperation does.” — Ron Barak, Pacific Palisades, California, March 15, 2016

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  • Jane S Taber

    It is all too pitiful, the depths to which we have fallen in such a short period of time.

    The only true presidential figure is Ted. I can only hope God answers my prayers.

    • I’m not sure even God will be able to get Ted the nomination. If he doesn’t win, maybe he can start a global community to welcome people from every discipline and culture who seek to provide and/or acquire a deeper understanding of the world. He could set it up with a website at ted.com. Oh, wait a minute, we already have one of those.

  • Jane S Taber

    In the book Atlas Shrugged, such a community is formed in the United States in a secret location for types like you and me. The rest of the country was left to their communist ways.

    Perhaps you can see into the future.

    You should read the book This Perfect Day by Ira Levin, author of Boys in Brazil and Rosemary’s baby.

    • Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is one of the books listed at the Resources>Politics tab on my website. I also loved Boys in Brazil. I doubt that I can see into the future. I have enough difficulty seeing the present.

  • Gippy Adams Henry

    Sorry to get off the subject here, one in which when discussed, I break into hives. I must say what I’ve been thinking since I’ve been reading. Ron, I think it would be great if the 28th Amendment would be enacted! It’s perfect and exactly what I’ve wanted to happen for years. Any chance?! Gippy

    • Hi Gippy, nice to hear from you. The answer to your question is complex. The surest way to amend the Constitution is to involve Congress, but Congress would not likely participate in the 28th Amendment as I draft and develop it in my pending novel, 28: The Missing Amendment. The alternative procedure is the way I describe in the novel. Would that work? It would be up to the U.S Supreme Court. What would the U.S. Supreme Court say? You have to read my novel when it is finished and released to find out. That’s a bit more involved than I could possibly answer here. Besides I don’t want to give anything away prematurely. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are well and productive. Best wishes. Ron