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An informed and politically active public is the difference between freedom and independence and political corruption and tyranny. We need government reform–perhaps even a Constitutional amendment. Can a lawyer turned novelist make a difference, produce a political and legal thriller series to get us started down the right path? We certainly hope so, but the first step is to arm ourselves with the facts and the resources.

Ron’s sample collection of resources, sociopolitical pundits worth reading, sociopolitical leaders worth reading about, sociopolitical views worth considering, both old and new, both left and right, and no doubt both right and wrong, but all significantly impacting history, people’s lives, and Ron’s own thinking.


Discover The 28th Amendment

The U.S. Constitution contains 27 amendments, the result of more than 11,000 proposals introduced over the course of U.S. history. Various proponents have been arguing for years that a real world 28th Amendment is needed to curb a variety of abuses by many of our government representatives who for their own benefit have taken our government hostage and rendered it dysfunctional. These advocates for reform have not, however, yet figured out how to achieve such an amendment over obvious Congressional resistance.

28: The Missing Amendment is a piece of literary fiction about a Congressional challenge of a procedurally controversial enactment of such a Constitutional amendment before the U.S. Supreme Court. As one of the characters in this political and legal thriller perhaps puts it best: “Way too many members of Congress spending way too much of their time and energy–and way too much of our money–chasing way too many special perks for themselves. Instead of responsibly running our government.”

Can a lawyer turned novelist blur the lines of fiction and reality, and make a “novel” difference? Read the novel and Ron’s 28th Amendment and you be the judge.

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