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lazyAs reported in the news last week:

A 54-year-old college custodian who cleaned classrooms at night and studied engineering by day is putting down his janitor’s broom for the last time. Michael Vaudreuil started working the night shift at Massachusetts’ Worcester Polytechnic Institute eight years ago after his plastering business went under. He began taking classes—free for WPI employees—and last month graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. When his story of perseverance made the national news, job offers poured in, and he has now accepted an engineering position at a Connecticut aerospace firm. “Graduation was great,” Vaudreuil said, “but to get the job was a complete satisfaction.”

Or he could just have put in for his welfare entitlements. And dropped out. Some would call him a sap. What do you say?

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  • Jane S Taber

    Personal responsibility is the key to a better life. Government cannot give you anything that was not taken from someone else.

    • I believe both of your points are correct. There are those, however, both inside and outside the government, who would dispute the accuracy of your first point even while perhaps agreeing with your second point. This is one of the big fiscal problems we have today.