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Children’s Diabetes Foundation
Carousel Ball

As part of the silent auction at this year’s Carousel Ball, you can bid to have a chance to win an exclusive, autographed, pre-released, limited edition copy of popular author Ron Barak’s newest novel, 28: The Missing Amendment. 

One does not have to attend the CDF event in order to bid for a limited edition. Five winners will be announced at the event and the highest winner, if bidding more than $1,000, will get to name a non-recurring character in Ron’s next Brooks/Lotello novel.

All bid proceeds go to Children’s Diabetes Foundation.


Joslin Diabetes Center


On October 2, Joslin, one of the oldest and most revered and respected diabetes organizations in the country, presented a featured blog on its website about Ron Barak, 28: The Missing Amendment and, of course, 11 year-old Cassie Webber’s story, to its legions of Team Joslin friends and supporters around the world.