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SillyThe Brother (mine, not speaking generally) teaches and writes about criminology from his home base in Michigan. So, looking for a blog to write this past weekend, I thought I’d see how he’s been contributing to the local criminology scene in Michigan.

One of the first things I stumbled across was a Michigan man recently given a ticket for warming up his car by leaving it running in his driveway.

“I thought it was some kind of a joke,” said the car owner of the $128 fine he received. “Every person warms up their car that way. We live in Michigan.”

 But the local police chief said the practice in question drives up crime rates, adding, “We have five to ten cars stolen this way every winter.”

 Hmm, this gave me an idea. You know how so many people in our country continue to be fixated on Russia having used its influence (influence, really?) to steer the election from Hillary to Donald? I’ve had a hard time understanding why that bothers some people more than the things Hillary did to give Russia the opening in the first place, her email scandal, the Clinton Foundation scandal, this scandal, that scandal, etc., when I’m far more concerned about the way Hillary behaved than the way Russia behaved (in this instance).

And, then, listening to the Michigan police chief, I got an idea. Instead of criticizing Hillary for all of her scandals, maybe we should just criticize her for giving Russia an opening to intervene in the U.S. election.

Only in America!

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  • Jose Sigal

    Don’t you understand Ronaldo that Hillary is innocent? She should be able to have a public server without anybody hacking it as I have the right to go to an infested gang area showing money and a Rolex watch at night and expect to be safe. AY AY AY.

    • I do understand just how “innocent” she is, which is why I needed a back door “attempt” to get her, with thanks to the Michigan police.