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poor man and young lady silhouetteAs the schism between police and public seems to escalate with no obvious solution at hand, how about this story that appears in the latest editions of The Week, one of my favorite must read news sources:

Ocala, Fla., police officer Erica Hay was on her way to get breakfast when she noticed a homeless man sitting alone on the curb at a gas station. The 20-year police veteran knows everybody in her hometown but didn’t recognize the man, so she decided to buy him a sandwich and a coffee. When he thanked her, Sgt. Hay plopped down to share a meal with her new friend. “He was great—I like eating with anybody,” she said. “Isolation is the worst part about being homeless. Nobody wants to eat alone. He was gracious enough to eat with me as well.”

My wife and I prefer to help the homeless by supporting organizations providing support because one never knows how a direct contribution will be used, but this story sure caught our attention.

Wouldn’t a bunch more little steps and stories like this one possibly go a long way in improving things between our police and the public who most of them serve so quietly and so graciously?


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  • Vanessa Navarro

    Shining light on a small act of kindness can be really inspiring! Thanks for posting this one, Ron!

    • Ron Barak

      Thanks for noticing, Vanessa. Please come back and visit again!

      • Vanessa Navarro

        Will do, thanks! 🙂