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Obama3Which was it:

During the 2016 Presidential election season, Obama was heard to call Trump (i) a chronic liar, (ii) a narcissist, (iii) a buffoon, (iv) a sad sack, (v) unfit to be President, (vi) all of the above.

Answer: (vi) all of the above.

Like The Wife, my autocorrect program says I need to be more concise.

Revised Answer: (vi) all the above. Better? More grammatically correct? More politically correct?

Observation: Hey, soon to be (but not soon enough) X-POTUS, it takes one to know one:

You are . . . (vi) all of the above.

Just counting the days, wondering how much more damage Obama will (try to) inflict.

Speaking of liar liar, do you remember:

How Obama has repeatedly said to Israel: “I’ll always have your back”?

How Obama told us how he was going to work as hard as he could to make Trump’s presidency a success?

Do you think that’s what Obama had in mind this past week when he made it possible for the UN Security Council to censure Israel for its settlement policies? Is that how he had Israel’s back? Maybe what he meant was he’d always kick them in the back.

Is that how he meant to help ease Trump into office, forcing him to scramble to remind Israel and the world that the U.S. stands behind its allies? For real.

Maybe what Obama was doing was his very best to make it difficult for Trump to do a better job than Obama in bringing peace to the Middle East. Obama certainly hasn’t set the bar very high.

Isn’t it interesting how Obama is scrambling so embarrassingly in his final days (if you’ll pardon the expression) to . . . build his “legacy”? I’m reminded of the saying: “With friends like himself, who needs enemies?” That is how that saying goes, isn’t it?

Speaking of humor, I’m reminded of the classic Jewish sense of humor:

A Jewish woman tells her Rabbi “Berele and Yosele are both in love with me.” She then asks the Rabbi “Who will be the lucky one?” The Rabbi answers without hesitation: “Berele will marry you. Yosele will be the lucky one.”

Here’s a slight variation on that theme:

Obama tells his Imam “Palestine and Israel both want my support.” Obama then asks the Imam “Who will be the lucky one?” The Imam answers without hesitation: “You will support Palestine. Israel will be the lucky one.”

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