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How about a little poll? Which of the following four seeming inconsistencies is the most . . . exasperating?


States like California are gearing up for “sanctuary” litigation. First of all, what’s the definition of “sanctuary”? For example, churches, cities, counties and states, and their agencies and facilities, such as subways and busses, are all making ready their sanctuary plans. Even judicial environments are focusing on the issue. Traditionally, courts have always been neutral sites, off limits. Service of subpoenas in or about a courtroom has always been verboten, a complete no-no. We didn’t want any chilling effect on people testifying, serving as jurors, etc., things that uphold our American judicial system. Yet, ICE is now arresting illegal aliens on their way into and out of court proceedings, causing them to be no-shows.

Now that we’ve resolved what a potential sanctuary is, how much money are we going to waste litigating who “trumps” whom in this battle of wills and policy between the federal government and local governments on immigration policy?

Contrast this with why doesn’t Congress just get off its rear and actually do something, like enacting a definitive immigration act that would render all of this moot?


Trump’s proposed 2018 budget preserves billions of dollars to send exploratory rockets to Mars and Jupiter but cuts billions of dollars from environmental and health research, and from the arts. Why are we worrying about tackling outer space when we can’t agree on how best to protect and save our own planet?


Have you seen “Fearless Girl” taking on the Wall Street bull? Commissioned by an asset management firm that only wants to invest in companies run by women, and making its debut appearance on March 8, International Women’s Day, isn’t it odd that its benefactor is dominated and run by males and has a checkered past of not providing pay to female employees equal to their male counterparts?

And How Trump’s Doing So Far

According to the Los Angeles Times this past week, Trump’s credibility continues to plummet. He has not been able to come up with any evidence to support his claims that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower in New York during the election campaign. He talked tough to China during his campaign but has backed down dramatically during his time in office. He was going to assure health care coverage for all, but the GOP proposal hurts many of his supporters worse than others.

Yet, business leaders across the country like what they’re hearing from Trump and his fellow Republicans. According to the same Los Angeles Times, a new survey by the Business Roundtable, comprised of some 200 of the U.S.’s largest companies, CEO optimism is the highest it’s been in three years. In fact, the group’s Economic Outlook Index, based on projected sales, capital spending and hiring for the next six months, jumped from 74.2 to 93.3 in the first quarter, the biggest increase since third quarter, 2009. The stock market is at all-time record highs. And if that isn’t enough, online sales of Ivanka Trump’s fashion line soared last month in spite of a boycotts against the brand. At the start of the year, her label was ranked 550th in sales according to fashion search engine Lyst. By mid-February, according to USA today, it was the Lyst’s 11th most popular brand.

So, who’s got it right (or left)?

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  • Jose Sigal

    Hi again Ronaldo, You hear so many things from so many different sources that it is hard to know what is really going on. Example: I was really against Sanctuary Cities thinking that only the criminals were the ones at risk. Yesterday I had dinner with a partner of mine from Dallas who is an attorney and who told me that ICE is rounding up all illegal aliens in Texas and sending them back to their countries regardless of crimes committed or not because it is a crime just to be here illegally. Some of these people have been here for 20+years and are good citizens, working hard and behaving great. ICE is dividing families again. My friend is involved in a group helping these aliens. If what my friend says is true, and I believe him, this serves no good purpose and I also think it will hurt the Republican party in the long run. Also if true, I would agree with the Sanctuary Cities that I have always been against. Just an example of what’s going on. Go figure.

    • Holamigo, you raise many good points. First, it is hard to reliably know what is really going on, but I, too, have heard that the rationale of being here illegally is “enough” of a crime to support summary ICE deportation, in essence making a mockery of the “criminal” rationale. These poor souls may be good “citizens,” but they are not “Citizens.” You know I don’t defend any irrational governmental action; however, the fact of poor judgment on the part of the Trump administration doesn’t not justify taking the law into one’s own hands. No one is above the law, including those who would support or implement sanctuary cities. The proper solution, of course, is to lawfully petition our representatives to enact a fair and just immigration law, not to take the law into our own hands. 🙂