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Crooked Politician 1I was having drinks the other afternoon after a round of golf with an old friend who was visiting from out of town. We got to talking about politics, of course, and he told me the following story about one of the members of Congress from his home state. I figured it was worth sharing.

Many years ago, the future Congressman and his two brothers, all in high school at the time, were called together by their loving and supportive father. The father told the three brothers that education was of the utmost importance and that it would be his solemn duty, privilege and joy to underwrite the full cost of each of the brothers obtaining a college education, including graduate school. In return, he asked only one thing: On his death, he expected each son to place $1,000 in his coffin before it was lowered into the ground.

The three brothers each went on to complete their educations. One became a successful surgeon. One became a successful investment advisor. And one became a successful lawyer.

Years later, the father died. At his funeral, the three sons recalled the deal they had made with their father. The doctor stepped forward and placed ten $100 bills into the father’s coffin. The investment advisor stepped forward and put two $500 bills into the father’s coffin. The lawyer took out his checkbook, wrote out a check for $3,000, stepped forward and placed it in his father’s coffin, retrieving and pocketing the $2,000 in cash.

A few years later, the lawyer, living in my golfing buddy’s home state, ran for and was elected to . . . Congress.

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  • Fred Taber

    Sounds like the death tax!

  • Jose Sigal

    It all was part of the plan, Ronaldo. You did not figure it out? The doctor became the Surgeon General for the country, the Investment advisor was bailed out twice and is now a billionaire and all of this was a very elegant and stealthy way to contribute to the lawyer’s political campaign.

    • Me? I could never have figured out anything like that on my own, but I did know because I had some help, and insider information. You see, the father consulted me first–to ask me to write the screenplay. You’ll be able to see it in a theater near you soon.