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The National Organization for Political Integrity (NoPoli for short) was formed in mid 2009 for the purpose reflected in its mission statement set forth on the home page of its website, “engaging and protecting the public trust,” from those of our political leaders who would place their own personal interests ahead of “we the people.” NoPoli is a non-profit political blog, publicly launched on the internet at NoPoli.org in July, 2010.

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Cyrus Brooks

After 25 years, the ever-wily and highly respected U.S. District Court Judge Cyrus Brooks retired from the bench. He now spends his time speaking, teaching, writing, and occasionally returning to the courtroom as a lawyer on matters of particular interest to him. Next to his wife of 50 years, Eloise, and their cat and dog, Maccs and Ryder, the law is Brooks’ only real other passion. He also loves upbeat music, dance and sports—although he can’t carry a tune and elephants are lighter on their feet. But he can dream, and he does. Gruff on the exterior, he’s more of a softie than he cares to admit.

Raul Esposito

After a singular string of victories in the U.S. Supreme Court, Raul Esposito was chosen to be Congress’s lead counsel. It’s a battle of wits at every twist and turn between the moneyed Esposito and Cyrus Brooks.

Arnold Hirschfeld

The brilliant associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Arnold Hirschfeld is quiet and thoughtful. That is, until he is pressed to decide how far he’ll go to rescue his granddaughter, Cassie Webber, from those who would plunge her into harm’s way in order to impose their will on him.

Steve Kessler

A successful retired investment advisor, Steve Kessler was called to jury duty in a high-profile case in Brooks’ courtroom and elected jury foreman. That was it; he was hooked. Now a social activist and community organizer, he spends all of his time pursuing worthwhile political and social causes, more a king-maker than a king. As one of the founders of NoPoli, the Constitutional Convention that led to the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was and is his baby.

Leah Klein

A bright and upcoming lawyer, Leah Klein got her start in the D.C. Public Defender’s office. Now married to Frank Lotello (and step-mom to his two kids), she went into private practice for herself. She is second chairing Brooks in the case of Congress vs. NoPoli, her first case in the U.S. Supreme Court.

J.R. Lance

Provocateur extraordinaire in a good kind of way—maybe—but what was he hiding?

Frank Lotello

Veteran D.C. Homicide Detective Frank Lotello recovered from a rough patch following the death of his wife, mother of his two children. Ever resourceful, he is remarried to up-and-coming Washington attorney, Leah Klein, who he met during the high-profile case against an accused vigilante serial killer.

Madison Lotello

Cassie’s best friend forever, she’s another “typical” pre-teen, and way too smart and with it for the wishes of her father, Frank Lotello.

Anne Nishimura

She’s as smart as she is striking, although some would say ruthless and hot. It matters not which to this opportunistic national broadcast journalist superstar. Anne uses every resource at her disposal (and then some) in the first-ever live TV broadcast of a U.S. Supreme Court case, Congress vs. NoPoli.

Manuel Reyes

The commander-in-chief behind the commander-in-chief, Reyes knows how to work the White House and Washington, if not the entire country. He’s already counting all that Wall Street is ready to throw at his feet.

Thomas Reston Thomas III

A former career CIA operative, Tommy Thomas has a recent history of carrying out covert domestic assignments for certain undisclosed public officials. Recently returned from his self-imposed exile, he is a psychiatrist’s dream case study.

Roger Tuttle

Lame duck President of the United States in his second term. He has secured a very attractive future, all on the taxpayers’ nickel. So long as nothing—and no one—comes along and upsets the apple cart.

Cassie Webber

Cassie is like your typical pre-teen next door, except she’s not. She worries about the right things almost as much as the wrong things. In spite of her diabetes, she is highly committed and on the verge of becoming a world-class golfer. Not one to ever back down, she intends to give her kidnappers more than they bargained for. A lot more.