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Revised DavisesBarbara and Dana Davis, mother and daughter, are the heart and soul of the Children’s Diabetes Foundation. They are simply incredible. Through CDF, they have raised over $100 million to fund the Barbara Davis Center in search of a cure for diabetes. They’re not done yet, but they’re coming closer every day, and they’re going stronger than ever!

Yesterday, to kickoff preparations for CDF’s 2016 gala fundraising ball, to be held in Beverly Hills this October 8, mother and daughter hosted a small luncheon to celebrate and thank some of CDF’s sponsors and supporters. The Wife and I were fortunate to be included.

Barbara was one of several who spoke. And speak she did! It’s not polite to refer to a lady’s age, but suffice it to say her first of two digits is an eight. She had the intimate gathering hanging on every word.

Standing at the podium adjusting the microphone, daughter Dana said “Mom, we can’t hear you.” Replied “Mom” without skipping a beat: “That’s because I’m not talking yet.”

In the course of reminiscing back over the storied history of the annual gala, Barbara recalled a briefly stressful experience with President Bill Clinton who was slated to MC the event one year. At the last moment, he had to cancel due to an unavoidable conflict. Barbara said she called her friend Jay Leno in a panic: “Jay, what am I going to do?”

According to Barbara, Jay responded “Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, Barbara. You’re not the first woman Bill has ever screwed.” Imagine the twinkle in her eyes as she delivered the punchline. Needless to say, Jay stepped in and took over the festivities as if he had been planning it for months. He’s doing the honors again this year.

When asked what drives her to continue her pursuit of this noble endeavor, Barbara summed it up this way: “One in three children born today will suffer from diabetes during their lifetime. Every 20 seconds, another child today is diagnosed with diabetes. We have work to do.”

Not planning to speak, Dana demurely attempted to decline when Mom asked her to join her at the podium. “Dear, you’re wearing such a pretty dress. Let everyone see it.” CDF Executive Director Dana relented and offered some passionate words of her own.

Mother and daughter are as compelling as they are gracious. Under their leadership, CDF is in great hands.

If you’re looking for an enchanting evening come this October 8, think about attending the gala dinner. It’s a sellout every year, but The Wife and I can probably manage a few extra tickets if you’re interested. Aside from great food and terrific entertainment, the silent auction provides some extraordinary opportunities to contribute to the cause. Details will be available on www.ronaldsbarak.com in due course.

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