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 actionI’m sure you’ve heard that less is more. Not only can that refer to the brevity of this blog, but if you read on you will see that it can also refer to the subject matter of this blog.

The American Diabetes Association recently released a position statement with new evidence-based recommendations on physical activity and exercise for people with diabetes and prediabetes.

A big point is the 3-for-30 recommendation: do three minutes of light physical activity — such as leg extensions or walking — for every half hour spent sitting still. While regular activity is great for all people, the ADA statement specifically makes a very big deal about the benefits regular interruption of inactivity can have for people with type 2 diabetes.

According to the ADA, adding regular, light physical activity — anything that can increase energy use — to one’s routine, in addition to longer and more structured exercise such as jogging or strength training, can improve blood glucose and insulin sensitivity.

Other benefits of regular movement, including light frequent activities and regular exercise, are improved heart health and weight loss. In terms of weight loss, you get two bangs for your buck with this program. Burning calories of course helps weight loss. However, reducing insulin resistance reduces the amount of insulin required and reducing insulin intake also facilitates weight loss.

Hmm, been at this blog for about 30 minutes. Gotta run. You?

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