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Have we hit rock bottom yet? Maybe not, but it sure seems like we’re getting awfully close. Emphasize awful.

Trust. It’s just about dead.

The progressive Democrats are seeking every chance they can to get back at the Republicans for what they did during the Obama era; bringing government to a grinding halt. Two wrongs make a right. Haven’t you heard?

Not only can the Republicans not find it in their hearts to get along with the Democrats, they can’t even find a way to get along with themselves.

Some of my conservative friends think House Intelligence Committee Chairman David Nunes was entirely within his rights—going to the White House to conduct a one-man investigation without consulting his resistant Committee colleagues. And then reporting his findings to President Trump before anyone else. Even though the Trump administration is a part of what’s being investigated. And even if what he discovered was that Obama’s Susan Rice broke the law, which the Democratic resistance has already dismissed as incidental. Unmasking is a felony. I guess a felony is “incidental,” at least when committed by a member of the Obama administration.

My conservative friends miss the point. Nunes may well technically have been within his rights, and his reasons may even have been legitimate, but his judgment was terrible. Even without the help of ranking Democrats, Nunes has destroyed the credibility of his Committee in the eyes of a majority of Americans to sort things out. In a way we can trust. Nunes can’t see that. Neither can a few of my my conservative friends.

Trump has no trust for anyone who doesn’t think he’s the greatest ever. Especially the press and the courts. And they have no trust for Trump. To the point of losing their perspective on what their responsibilities are. The courts have shamefully traded in their judicial robes for another seat at the political roundtable. And has anyone seen the Los Angeles Times editorial series that began running this past Sunday despoiling President Trump? Hey, he’s not been lighting the world on fire, but, c’mon, according to the editors of the Los Angeles Times, he’s public enemy number one, worse than ISIS. Worse than Assad. Worse than Putin.

I, for one, am tired of it. Our political leaders can’t find a way to fix our immigration travesty. They’re fiddling while our healthcare system is burning, or crashing. And they’re playing silly games over whether Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court should be confirmed. You may or may not agree with his judicial underpinnings, and the Republicans had no reason to refuse to consider Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland,  last year instead of just taking up his nomination and then voting him down, but there’s no denying that Gorsuch is solid, more than qualified for the job, and should—and will—be confirmed.

But instead of taking the high road, the Democrats will take the low load road and resist, resist, resist, for the sake of flexing what political muscle they can. I would have preferred to see filibustering survive for the sake of bipartisanship, but, enough is enough. Not even eight Democrats out of 42 will show the integrity to admit that Gorsuch is qualified to be seated. We have a country that needs to quit moving sideways and to start moving forward. Even if Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has to play the nuclear option this week and destroy the filibuster system in order to get Gorsuch seated.

Speaking of nuclear options, how is this country going to cope if North Korean’s boy king decides he’s going to play his nuclear option? Do you trust our leadership to handle that effectively?

Well, now that I’ve cleared the air, and the way to get us moving forward again, I’m going to take the night off and go watch as April the giraffe continues to give us something to cheer for. Haven’t heard about April? The giraffe, not the month. Just Google her and give yourself a treat, and a little escape from all those who think they know how to run our country.

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