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Gross 1Superlatives are often loosely thrown around when it comes to appraising a novel. In the case of THE ONE MAN by Andrew Gross, all the superlatives that occur to me are more than well deserved.

Haunting. Suspenseful. Gripping. Soulful. Thoughtful. So thoughtful. A must read. I really didn’t want to put it down. Even when I finished it.

Both a historical and a thriller novel, THE ONE MAN is about hell on earth, perhaps only a fictional one, but so closely tied to the real one on which it’s predicated. It’s about consummate good contrasted with consummate evil. In the end, it’s about family. And what really counts. Both in and beyond the novel. Both yesterday and today.

In reading THE ONE MAN, there are no less than three male characters who could be considered . . . the “one” man. Take your pick, for your own reasons. There are also two female characters themselves equally extraordinary.

And then there’s Andrew Gross. For recognizing what’s important and choosing to tell this story, and as well as he has, he might just be . . . THE ONE MAN.

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