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teardropWith all that was known about this man,* he was able to legally buy an assault weapon of mass destruction. Shame on whom?


How many more deaths, how many more wounded, will it take until those who are able to do something about this finally act? I’m not talking about those in Congress who won’t do anything because they won’t free themselves from the clutches of the gun lobby. No, I’m talking about you and me–who allow those representatives to remain in office instead of replacing them with persons who will do what needs to be done.

We have an election coming up in November. Isn’t it time to identify all those who are up for reelection who won’t act, and see that they are not reelected?

Is it really all that complicated? No, it’s not.

* With thanks to Taylor Swift’s writing (in a different context), he should never, ever, ever, never be dignified, or even acknowledged, by stating his name.

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  • Jose Sigal

    Dear Ronaldo, you and I agree maybe 93.3699% (did you like my percentage?) of the time, but this time we do not. You are blaming the guns and where he got them, and why and I think that is irrelevant. The bad guys, regardless of whether they are terrorists, criminals, gang members, will always find a way to get their weapons even if they become illegal to buy. This is the case in other countries. I believe the problem is much greater than our current administration refusing to call the problem what it is for reasons of political correctness, and tying up the hands of the FBI and other institutions who in my opinion would otherwise be the best way to prevent this kind of massacre. These animals will always find a way to smuggle, bribe, etc. to get their hands on these weapons. Nobody can prevent this. It is very sad.

    • Of course, we agree, Pepe, how sad this incident is, and that more incidents like this one will likely follow in spite of the potential capabilities of the FBI and other governmental agencies. Beyond that, we will have to agree to disagree:
      First of all, this logjam in our country today is not the fault of this administration, as you state. It is plainly the fault of the GOP, in which the majority of those who do the bidding of the NRA reside. The NRA and its Congressional minions are the problem, at least in terms of the first solution, better, wiser gun control.

      Second, please do not lump together drug runners and terrorists. They are different problems and they require different solutions, although the solutions are not in conflict or inconsistent. I am talking here and now about terrorists. In particular, I am talking about lone wolf terrorists. In my opinion, they are far and away the most dangerous terrorist threat we face. If the likes of ISIS could effectively penetrate our country, they would have done so already (following 9/11, when we weren’t as prepared as we are today).

      Third, to say that the bad guys will always get the guns and laws will only cut off the good guys (who, unless you are a card carrying member of the NRA, have no need or reason to be carrying guns in the first place) is not at all so in terms of the lone wolves. The lone wolves are isolated (which is what makes them so dangerous) and ill-funded. Make it tough on them to get their hands on–and to keep–guns, and this problem will be significantly reduced. I don’t say totally reduced, there will always be exceptions, but many of them can and will be put out of business and that will save lives. Many lives.
      Thanks to the NRA, we have been erring in one direction concerning gun control. It is time to err in the opposite direction. We have nothing to lose by trying. And we might just save some lives. We need smart, effective gun control. The problem is not the 2nd Amendment. The problem is our politicians. It is time for we the people to replace the NRA puppets in Congress. That will take time, but we need to start that process. Big time.

      Beyond gun control, we need more resources for our intelligence community. They have the know how and the ability. They haven’t been given enough resources and they have not been given enough freedom. Now that is the problem of the present administration, and the overly liberal Democrats. As you and I have discussed many times, you and I are not that interesting and have nothing to hide and would gladly give up some of our precious privacy (actually I’m more willing to give up yours than mine!) in exchange for more effective security for all.