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draft6Is it just me, or do you feel a . . . draft . . . coming on?Preview

You do recall, sometime ago, that I began talking about dark horses and white knights? You remember. I said I had to mention it two ways to be sure I was PC—politically correct. Doesn’t ring any bells? Maybe you missed it. I know you’re busy. Maybe I’m imagining that I said it. No, I think I said it. You can decide for yourself. Just look here. So, did I say it or not? It was way back on January 26. Just saying (again).

I’m feeling it in my sinuses, folks. I sense a draft coming on. I think the wind is a blowing.

Yeah, I know. Bob Dylan deserves the credit for that last line. But, hey, I did add the “g” at the end of the sentence to make it my own.Mitt

(How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man? * * * The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind. The answer is blowin’ in the wind.)

He sought the Republican nomination in 2008, but came up short. He won the nomination in 2012, but he came up short. Again. Is he now . . . trending? Will 2016 finally be his time, this dark horse or white knight (however you prefer to label him)? Can he finally get it right this time? Take off the gloves this time and get down in the trenches with the rest of them?

He does appear to be more Presidential than the others out there (even if he takes off his gloves). Of course, saying he’s more Presidential than the others is not saying a lot.

So, is it just me or do you feel a . . . draft . . . coming on?

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  • Fred Taber

    I voted for him in 2012…and would like the opportunity to vote for him again.

  • Jane S Taber

    Romney is a t**d…A wuss.

    My choice is Ted Cruz. I think he is Presidential. He has character… Integrity… He believes in the Constitution…He believes in freedom of the individual…Personal responsibility…The importance of security for America…Rule of law. Cruz has back bone…Cruz is the voice for We the People. His head has not been turned by Washington DC. He can beat Clinton.

    • Interesting points of view, thanks for sharing. Romney was definitely weak in 2012 and it cost him an election he probably could have won. If he is somehow drafted, he will have to be much stronger. As for Cruz, he hasn’t yet shown that he can win the nomination, let alone beat Clinton. The Republican establishment is certainly not in favor of Trump, but they’re not big fans of Cruz either. Don’t rule out the dark horse or the white knight–if the establishment can stop Trump from sewing up the nomination before the convention.

  • Jane S Taber

    I have heard that Trump could not beat Helly but Cruz could. The attitude that Cruz is not electable comes from the progressives whether Republican or Democrat.

    They are afraid of Cruz because they know that the buck stops with him. Their cushy life style will end and their wings will be clipped when Cruz is in the White House. God forbid those precious politicians not longer getting their freebies!

    • I agree wholeheartedly with your desire to see Congressional perks ended, but, the attitude that Cruz is not electable seems to come from the voters, whether progressives or otherwise, including yesterday’s voters in Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii. In spite of the efforts of all who oppose him, and believe he cannot beat Clinton, the Trump juggernaut seems to have recovered from the establishment attacks of Romney and McCain last week, and to be rolling onward. Cruz did manage a win in Idaho, but that’s one state in four. You do the math. How does that provide a path to the White House for Cruz? Unless Trump is defeated in Florida and/or Ohio next week (by Rubio and/or Kasich, respectively, not by Cruz as near as I read), isn’t the Republican nomination all but wrapped up?