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WolfDon’t look now, Donald, but Browns actually can be good. Sometimes.

No silly, I’m not talking about Trump’s attitude regarding Hispanics!

I’m talking about Jerry Brown, Governor of California.

You remember Leslie Van Houten, don’t you? She was one of Charlie Manson’s disciples, one who hands on assisted Manson in committing some four heinous murders (that we know about, there could have been more) now coming up on 50 years ago. Let’s call it an even 50.

Considering today’s lone wolves, Manson was ahead of his time, kind of like the Jules Verne of terrorism. I guess he gets points for that.

Van Houten has been locked away in jail ever since. But if the California Parole Board were to have its way, she’d now be back out on the streets. Their analysis: She’s lived an exemplary 50 years behind bars. A model prisoner. She’s improved her life (which is not saying much) and she’s improved the life of other prisoners as well. And kudos to her for doing that.

In overruling the Parole Board, and denying Ms. Van Houten parole, Governor Brown reasoned it this way. Van Houten has never explained whatever possessed her to execute the wishes of Manson as she did. Without that explanation, there is no way to know she might not act out that way again. Putting her back out on the streets might not be safe. If we don’t know for sure that it would be, then she should continue to serve her “life” sentence.

I think Brown nailed this one. (This time.) I wouldn’t put Van Houten back on the streets either. Do the crime, serve the time. For life means for life. Besides, hey, we have enough other lone wolves out there to deal with.

So, lookie here Donald, Browns actually can be good. On occasion. Like you, some of my best friends are brown.

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