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BratI thought only the “uneducated” were in Donald’s camp, and that the “educated” were the ones in Hillary’s camp. Guess not. Because all these post-election protesters seem unable . . . to tell time. How educated could they be? Must have been too busy getting educated to learn how to do that. Tell time. Or maybe they’ve just been eating too many grapes. You know, the sour kind.

I can understand protests the day before the election. But the day after? What is it they want? Do they want Trump to resign? Really? Why? The election is over. He won fair and square. He didn’t cheat. He didn’t need anyone slipping the debate questions to him in advance like Hillary’s insiders did.

These protesters wanted Hillary, corruption and all. They are so righteous when it comes to Trump not being . . . so righteous. But they don’t seem to be so righteous when it comes to Hillary’s serial corruption.

I could understand if the protesters were protesting to influence Trump’s future policies. What he might do. What he might not do. But to protest his mere existence and post-election status? That’s sheer poppycock, nothing more than whining and spoiled crybaby antics.

Had Hillary won, these protesters would have criticized any pro-Trump protests. But it’s okay if they’re the ones protesting. Selfishly blocking traffic, etc. I thought they wanted to follow Hillary. But Hillary said to her supporters that they now need to give Donald a chance. His chance. Guess they don’t like Hillary anymore either.

Truth be told, these protesters are just selfish pouters. They want what they want. Hillary was just a convenient front. Don’t give them what they want and they complain. The only ones they truly support are . . . themselves! As far as they’re concerned, they’re entitled to their free speech, but anyone who disagrees with them is not. Not only is anyone else not entitled to be heard, they’re also not entitled to use the roads for which they pay taxes to get here and there, from home to work, from work to home, or to where they might need to go for medical attention! These spoiled brats don’t care about any of that because that’s not about them.

Here’s a refreshing suggestion for these protesters: Next time, they ought to do their protesting before the election. For now, they ought to go back to school and learn how . . . to tell time.

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