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crowd-of-cowsThe media says more people showed up for Obama’s inauguration than Trump’s inauguration. Which Obama inauguration were they talking about? His first or his second? Maybe we should get the total for each, add them together and then divide by two to calculate the “fairest” Obama inauguration crowd size. We sure don’t want to get this wrong!

And who is it that cares whose inauguration crowd was larger? Aside from the elitist, known-it-all media, that is. And Trump, of course. The media, because they want to bait Trump. And Trump, because he hasn’t seen a piece of bait that he can ignore. Harrumph. And double-harrumph.

There’s only one set of human numbers like these that matter: The number of electoral votes that Donald got and the number of electoral votes that Hillary got.

And guess what, people? That ship has already sailed. It’s yesterday’s news. It’s over. Donald won the election. He’s the Prez. Deal with it! It doesn’t matter who got the most inaugural lookie-loos. It really doesn’t.

Hey, media, let it go. If you’re worth your salt (which is highly doubtful if you’re obsessing over this banality), can’t you find something more meaningful to occupy your time? If not, you ought to turn in your press badges.

And, Donald. You’ve already achieved the only numbers that matter. Quit egging them on. Quit baiting them to bait you. Because you can’t win this battle. Because you don’t have the numbers you frivolously claim, or the hours to bicker with the press. IGNORE them. There must be something more useful that you and your colleagues can do to “Make America Great Again,” besides wasting your time dreaming up “alternative” facts!

So, Donald, quit behaving so childishly and un-presidentially. Quit giving the media all this silly ammunition. Keep your eye on the ball, on the important, substantive stuff. “Make America Great Again,” let the bait go, and, guess what: All this “Not My President” stuff will soon run out of steam, and go away. Who knows, maybe some will instead start chanting “My President!”

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  • Jose Sigal

    First of all Ronaldo, I love the cows. On another note, The media is not going to change even if the Donald is successful in most of what he does ( he will not be in everything) and they hate him and they are partisans and would rather bring back a loser of their own and justify him or her and give that person a free pass. Thinking a little positive, this might keep him more in tune although I don’t think he cares. He will always answer and take the bait because he loves it and he loves the fight. I hope he is successful as any president we would elect, democrat or republican, It would be good for all of us, except the press on the left will never accept this. Sad.

    • You pretty much have it right, as usual. And, the bulls told me they love the cows too. 🙂