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WTP“We The People” 1, Apathy 0

For months, in my blogs, I’ve been asking over and over, “When will ‘we the people’ finally put an end to voter apathy?” The “deplorables” finally answered: On November 8, 2016.

“We The People” 1, Corruption 0

That includes the Clintons, also known as The Grifters Supreme. Two examples among too many to list:

They got caught stuffing their suitcases with White House antiquities at the end of Mr. Grifter’s second term, and had to give the stuff back, saying “Oops, thought it was ours. Our bad (getting caught).” That’s their problem. They think it’s all theirs.

Their repeated, ugly, ugly “pay to play” politics finally caught up with them. They left the White House without a penny in their pockets; now, eight years later, without an honest day’s work between them beyond their pay to play misdeeds, they’re somehow worth about $250 million. Imagine that. Imagine how. They’ll finally have to crawl off into the sunset with their tails between their legs, but with $250 million to salve their wounds. Unless . . .

That includes Obama. So much for his “legacy.” Along with the Mrs., he campaigned shamelessly for Mrs. Grifter. And his legacy. Fortunately, “We the People” finally got it straight, stopped listening to him. And her. In due course, history will get his legacy spot on.

That includes the elitist media who’ve consistently shirked their ethical responsibility to “We The People,” refused to call it like it’s truly been. Make no mistake about it. They’re a big part of the corruption. Without their help, the corrupt couldn’t have corrupted as long as they have.

“We The People” 1, Government 0

This includes the Republicans as well as the Democrats, including the two of you, Senator Mitch McConnell and Congressman Paul Ryan, among our other “leaders.” Time to genuinely get behind “We The People,” or go home.

The Constitution and The Supreme Court 1 each, The Dismantlers 0

Whew! Was that ever close! But we still have some work to do on accepting the 2nd Amendment for what it genuinely was and is, and what it was not, and shouldn’t be. (Balancing gun control and the limited right to bear arms, another subject on which I have repeatedly blogged.)

And, finally, for now, can we get a drum roll please:

The Office of the Presidency 1, The Donald . . . ?

Time to put your big boy pants on, Donald, and, once and for all (of “We The People”), become . . . Presidential. Recognize that you haven’t been right. You’ve just been in the right place at the right time. When “We The People” finally decided to end our apathy, finally decided that enough was enough. Your victory speech was a good start, a good first constructive pivot. “We The People” have given you a tremendous opportunity. To borrow a line or two from Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan: “Please Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Henry please.”  Don’t blow it, Donald. Don’t waste your opportunity. Assemble and surround yourself with some really smart folks. And, while we know it will be tough for you, listen to them. Please.

For a change.

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  • Jose Sigal

    Ronaldo, I am very optimistic and hopeful that The Donald will do MOSTLY the right things. If he does, then we will start to see some of the changes that you and I have talked about all these years, if he goes nuts, then we will have to see. I think it will be the good side of Trump that prevails. He has surrounded himself by some very intelligent people. Also, I hope he will not be the Czar like Obama has been in his party. Trump does not have full support so there might be some checks and balances if he attempts to go sideways. As I said, I am very optimistic and looking forward to seeing the basket of deplorables do a great job. (just a Joke).

    • Me too, Pepe. Trump’s rhetoric has been pretty terrible, but I always thought he would become more centrist and presidential. I just didn’t think it would take until AFTER the election. But his acceptance speech was very good. I too am optimistic. Even the stock market has been incredibly bullish in spite of all the predictions that it would drop precipitously if he won.