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Remember those painful report cards? Well, I sure do, to this day. I’m referring to the ones I received in grade school. The marks weren’t very impressive. My parents were then required to go meet with my teachers. The message my teachers delivered was always the same: “Ronnie isn’t living up to his capabilities, he […]

When our kids were in school, “Gag Me With A Spoon” was a popular “Valley Girl” expression for something really obnoxious, offensive, distasteful, or . . . all of the above. Do you think the following spam mail that lands in my email Inbox on occasion–for which I did not sign up and which keeps […]

Can we . . . talk? Please. The Wife tells me we are spending too much money. She says we need to dial it down. Way down. During President Obama’s eight years in office, his travel expenses totaled $97 million. (Maybe not so bad because “travel” includes related security. Gee. Golly gee. A bargain after […]