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People have been asking me where my blog has gone, if I’m okay. It’s so nice to be missed! I assure you one and all, I’m fine. My hiatus is only temporary, caused by two reasons.  First, I’ve been oh so busy getting my novel, formerly titled 28: The Missing Amendment, but now renamed The […]

Hello? Anybody home here? I guess brain dead is as brain dead does. Are there any takeaways here for us about how President Trump functions when he turns to putting those tweets of his together? Narcissistic? Mentally ill? Maybe just very focused on his job. 🙂 Join the discussion either by logging in just below […]

Last week, WikiLeaks published nearly 9,000 pages of documents purportedly detailing CIA hacking tools. Increasing numbers of private citizens are taking this message to heart. Those files suggest the spy agency has developed an array of cyber weapons that can let it access your smartphone, smart TV, Wi-Fi router, and computer—essentially anything that’s connected to […]