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Crossbuster_symbol.svgA good novel begins with a good title. THE VERITAS DECEPTION by Lynne Constantine is no exception. Both the title and the story are terrific. So intricate. And so . . . deceptive!

THE VERITAS DECEPTION. Yes, isn’t the truth often . . . deceptive.

I tend to read thrillers that take place in the here and now. This one flashes back to biblical times, and then works its way forward to all of the technology, science, medicine, and bio-ethics of modern times. If not, imaginatively, future times as well! I found it to be a masterful blend of historical thriller and religious thriller. The pace, the mystery, the twists, the turns all keep you flipping the pages. Everything else about this work, and there is plenty else, makes you want to stop and think at the same time as you’re anxious to keep going.

Good and evil. The Christ and the Anti-Christ. Who’s stronger? Who won before? Who will win today? And tomorrow? Once and for all! And just where might this adventure take us in the future? You’ll have to read THE VERITAS DECEPTION and decide for yourself.

Lynne Constantine is a young author with a lot of craft skill at her hand. And a lot of substance behind it. I genuinely look forward to more of her works.

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