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“In writing my blogs, I think I’m sometimes too wordy”, Ron said.
“Sometimes?”, she replied.
“Well, I was reluctant to say ‘always’”, Ron was quick to rejoin.
“Hmm, I guess you’re not only wordy, but also prone to distortion.”
Ron was learning when to quit.

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Hello? Anybody home here? I guess brain dead is as brain dead does. Are there any takeaways here for us about how President Trump functions when he turns to putting those tweets of his together? Narcissistic? Mentally ill? Maybe just very focused on his job. 🙂 Join the discussion either by logging in just below […]

Have we hit rock bottom yet? Maybe not, but it sure seems like we’re getting awfully close. Emphasize awful. Trust. It’s just about dead. The progressive Democrats are seeking every chance they can to get back at the Republicans for what they did during the Obama era; bringing government to a grinding halt. Two wrongs […]

Dare We Use It . . . The B Word? I have a novel idea. Well, I’m not really sure how novel it is. But let’s give it a try. Here goes. First, I suggest we place a moratorium on Congressional investigations. And investigations of the investigations. And the investigators. And investigations of those who […]