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People have been asking me where my blog has gone, if I’m okay. It’s so nice to be missed! I assure you one and all, I’m fine. My hiatus is only temporary, caused by two reasons.

 First, I’ve been oh so busy getting my novel, formerly titled 28: The Missing Amendment, but now renamed The Amendment Killer, ready to be publicly launched this November. (How do you like the new moniker, more sexy, right? Keep an eye out for more news about The Amendment Killer.) I thought it was hard learning how to write a novel. Well, that’s a snap compared to learning how to promote and market one! There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

 Second, it’s not easy for this political junkie to find anything positive to say about what’s going on out there in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere around our country, these days. As I’ve gone out of my way to make painfully clear, I didn’t vote for Trump and I didn’t vote Clinton. In my opinion, neither was remotely qualified to occupy the White House. I’ve seen nothing since the election to change my view in that regard. Nor have I seen any behavior from those on either side of the aisle to suggest that they are true leaders or have any interests genuinely at heart other than their own.

 Consider the reports that the healthcare plan recently enacted by House Republicans actually contains a provision that allows members of Congress to preserve solely for themselves certain beneficial provisions from Obamacare. Can you believe that? What gall! What hypocrisy! Obamacare is so bad it needs to be replaced (a view I have publicly supported by the way), but not for members of Congress. So much for draining the swamp!

 Perhaps you ought to visit my website, www.ronaldsbarak.com and read about my make believe 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I crafted that for my latest novel, but maybe it ought to be enacted for real. As they say, sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

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