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Pivot 2Trump says of pending TrumpCare that “it’s going to be beautiful.”

Well, there may be a few points worth making here.

One, what’s presently on the table, and supported by The Donald, is not really TrumpCare. You might call it RyanCare. Or you might call it ConservativeCare. But it’s not TrumpCare. For one who is supposedly such a hotshot negotiator, Trump has completely rolled over in favor of the real conservatives by endorsing the pending GOP proposal.

Two, it ain’t gonna be beautiful. At least not for a vast number of Trump supporters, namely the older, lower income, rural folks who voted for Trump, and put him in the White House. They’re gonna find it tough maintaining health care insurance. In fact, many, if not most, of them will not be able to. While upper income taxpayers will be the ones to reap massive tax relief benefits under this GOP proposal.

So, which Big Pivot are we talking about here?

The one that The Donald has already made in his alternative facts statement that TrumpCare’s gonna be beautiful when it’s not going to be for so many of his supporters or the one he’s gonna have to make in pulling away from his you name it Trump brand and, if necessary, vetoing this GOP proposal not his TrumpCare—if it actually passes both houses of Congress in anything resembling its present form?

Or the one that’s gonna happen when many of his supporters left out in the cold wake up and call it a day—and pivot on their support for The Donald?

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