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march3January 21, 2017

Washington, D.C.

National Mall


Lost Somewhere Amid The Swarm of Women Marchers

A Telling Conversation


Cassandra (to Rebecca and Annie): “I can’t believe we’re actually here, Girlfriends. This is SOOO cool!”

Annie (to Cassandra and Rebecca): “It sure is. To be a part of this historic moment. Millions of us. Marching together. Showing our solidarity.”

Rebecca (to Cassandra and Annie): “Yes.”

Cassandra to Rebecca (and Annie): “What did you say, Becky? I didn’t hear you.”

Rebecca to Cassandra (and Annie): “I said, ‘Yes.’”

Cassandra to Rebecca (and Annie): “Well, you could look like you meant it.”

Rebecca to Cassandra (and Annie): “I did mean it. I’m . . . it’s just a little overwhelming. That’s all. And noisy.”

Annie (to Cassandra and Rebecca): “Hey, isn’t that Madonna, up there on that platform? What’s she saying?”

Cassandra shouting (to anyone hopefully listening to her): “You go, Girl. Just like you said it. F___ Trump! Bomb the White House!”

Rebecca (to Cassandra and Annie): “Cassandra! What did you just say? I thought we were here to show our support for women, not to–”

Cassandra shouting (at Rebecca, and maybe Annie too): “Trump has no respect for women. We have to speak up against him. And his White House. And we have to do it now.”

Rebecca to Cassandra (and Annie): Then why aren’t we also speaking up against Bill Clinton? Didn’t he disrespect women just as much, maybe even more? Trump didn’t run around having sex with lots of other women while he was married. And why aren’t we also speaking up against Hillary Clinton? Didn’t she come out against those women Bill had sex with and defend Bill? And didn’t you campaign for Hillary, Cass?

Cassandra to Rebecca (and Annie): “You don’t know that Trump hasn’t been having sex with other women during his marriages too. What’s the matter with you, Becky?”

Annie to Cassandra (and Rebecca): “What’s the matter with you, Cass? You don’t know that Trump did anything like that.”

Cassandra to Annie (and Rebecca): “Yes, but Trump’s the President.

Rebecca to Cassandra (and Annie): Exactly. Trump’s our President. I came to support the rights of women to be treated equally. That doesn’t mean we have to condemn our President, especially not before he first has a chance to show us how he’s going to do as President. After all, what’s the rush? If women are here today because they think the way you do, Cass, coming here was a mistake—at least for me. And maybe for many others like me.”

Rebecca turned and slowly walked away. Annie went with her. Cassandra shouted after them, “Not my President!”

Editor’s Note: As I’ve said, I didn’t vote for Donald (or Hillary either). In my opinion, as I expressed it often in many of my blogs during the election campaign season, neither Donald nor Hillary was remotely qualified to be President of the United States. But the fact is that Trump is now the President. Of the United States. Our President. For better or worse. I have no need to defend that result, or be defensive about it. During the campaign, Trump spoke to those whose votes he was soliciting. No different than any other Presidential candidate has done for as long as I can remember. He just didn’t mince any words, immature as his choice of words might have been. Now that he’s President, he has to speak to—and for—all Americans. And we have to give him a chance to do that. And enough rope to hang himself if that’s all he’s going to do with his chance. What irks me is how many folks who expressed outrage when Trump said during the campaign that he might not support an orderly transition of government in keeping with our Constitution are now doing precisely that. Opposing an orderly transition of our government. Seems kind of two-faced and disingenuous to me. With some sour grapes thrown in for good measure. I guess immature conduct is only wrong when the other guy–excuse me, gal–behaves poorly. Trump played by the rules. And he won. Fair and square. Even if there are those who are poor losers and just don’t want to admit it. Give Trump his due. And his chance. Certainly more than one day! If those who shout “Not My President” are right, don’t worry, he’ll blow it (as he began doing on the second day of his presidency—see my coming blog this Thursday). And then you’ll get your chance. In time for the next election. When presumably you’ll be better organized than you were this time. For now, too little, too late, and too much, too soon.

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  • Jose Sigal

    Hi Ronaldo, as you know I felt the same as you, without a party to support. I also agree that President Trump won and he is my president. What is hard for me to understand from the LIBERALS, (I put the name in caps for a reason) is that where is the liberalism, the inclusion, the acceptance of different ideologies? What has happen to this party breaks my heart, because I strongly believe we need two good, sound parties to compete and discuss and negotiate, not this transformation of extreme nuts. They have forgotten what made this country great and the best country in the world. I hope we don’t lose it. I also hope that the Republicans use this opportunity to do the right thing and not spoil the golden opportunity that has been given to them because they also have some extremes. I am also very patiently giving the chance to this administration to do what they are going to do and hoping it will be something that at the end of the day most Americans will like and be proud of.

    • Nice thoughts, Pepe. It is interesting that our “liberal” brothers and sisters are only kind to those who support them and who they think can do them some good, such as trading votes for entitlements. Well, Trump was an underdog too. To bad they can’t seem to find it in their hearts to be kind to him, at least until as a President, as opposed to as a campaigner, he blows it in some serious way. He is our President now and he deserves a chance to get it right. Now, if only he will!